Welcome, Kore Crawshaw, the newest member of our training team!

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Kore (pronounced like Core-ah) is a 23-year-old whose passion for dogs turned into a career. Owning dogs her entire life, she decided 7 years ago to start working with them professionally operating in shelters and private daycare and boarding facilities, but her dream job was always to become a dog trainer! Kore is a positive reinforcement-only trainer with a background in agility, tricks, puppy and basic obedience, separation anxiety, therapy dog and service dog training, and behavior modification. Her work with shy, rehabilitation dogs and therapy dogs was some of the most fulfilling she’s ever done though she loves working with new puppies, too. She says, “With training, I think the most satisfying moments are when I get to see people connect with their dogs and get to be part of their relationship growing and becoming stronger.”

Kore has a 9-year-old cat named Nyx and a Great Pyrenees rescue named Howl at home. She loves large breed dogs and has a wealth of experience with them – Howl is her second Pyrenees! As a dog lover, she isn’t breed particular but does have a soft spot for the bigger babies. In her spare time, she loves to crochet and calls it her “little old lady hobby”. Her favorite animal is the Red Panda and if given the opportunity (and household permission), she’d bring one home in a heartbeat! 

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