Specialty Classes and Workshops

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

We proudly offer the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test with one of our registered evaluators. This test is a program developed by the American Kennel Club to promote responsible dog ownership and good behavior in dogs. It is a two-part test that evaluates a dog’s obedience and socialization skills, and dogs that pass the test receive a certificate from the AKC, which recognizes them as well-behaved and obedient dogs. Passing the Canine Good Citizen Test and being CGC certified comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • demonstrating excellent obedience and socialization skills,
  • opening up opportunities for participation in various activities,
  • overcoming breed stigmas,
  • and providing peace of mind for owners.

Overall, the Canine Good Citizen Test is an exciting way for dogs to showcase their skills and for owners to demonstrate their commitment to responsible dog ownership.

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Test $60

Speciality Class: Agility Basics

This class is the perfect introduction to your dog’s new favorite hobby, in Agility Basics we will be learning all of the equipment and new commands! We will spend four weeks together getting familiar with equipment and handling so you can be prepared for off leash courses in the future. Other benefits include; increased focus skills, confidence building, front and rear end awareness/coordination building, and a TIRED dog. 

  • 1+ year old *note; dogs on the cusp may be placed in either
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Regular flat leash or traffic lead
  • Harness or regular collar
  • Medium & high value treats
  • Treat pouch highly recommended and closed toe shoes
  • Basic skills like sit and name recognition are required – this is NOT a class for reactive dogs.
  • Agility Basics $300

    Four weeks, 4 sessions, 5 dog capacity

Specialty Class: Agility Intermediate

Now that handler and pup have become familiar and proficient with the agility equipment, it’s time to take things off leash! In our Intermediate Agility class we’re upping the difficulty level by changing up the layout for each session of this 6 week course and going off leash. Dogs will take turns one at a time in the gym, off leash with their handler just like in actual competitions! Handlers will also learn new technical skills and terminology that follow the AKC’s A Beginner’s Guide to Agility to further your agility journey. This class aims to be compliant in the AKC’s agility standards so you’re able to jump into the competitive circuit with ease!
Must have completed Agility Basics, Puppy Agility, or other instruction to trainer’s standard and obtain approval

  • Regular harness or flat collar
  • Regular leash, traffic leads recommended
  • Absolutely no: prong collars, choke collars, or e-collars of any kind
  • Handlers must wear closed toed shoes
  • Treat pouch
  • Medium and high value treats
  • Must have completed Agility Basics
  • Agility Intermediate $300

    Four weeks, 4 sessions, 5 dog capacity

Specialty Class: Advanced Agility

In our third and final level of Agility class, you and your dog can come to test your skills on some advanced courses! This six-week course will involve warm-ups, continued practice, and more challenging agility courses that you and your dog will absolutely enjoy!

  • Must have completed Intermediate agility or other instruction to trainer’s standard and obtain approval
  • Regular harness or flat collar
  • Regular leash, traffic leads recommended
  • Absolutely no: prong collars, choke collars, or e-collars of any kind
  • Handlers must wear closed-toed shoes
  • Treat pouch
  • Medium and high-value treats
  • Advanced Agility $450

    Six weeks, 6 sessions, 5 dog capacity

Specialty Class: Puppy Agility

Puppy agility is a fun way for you and your puppy to bond and explore a great new hobby! With the added benefits of helping your puppies learn front and rear end awareness, coordination, increased focus skills, and confidence building.

  • For puppies 4 months up to 1 year of age *note; dogs on the cusp may be placed in either
  • Must be fully vaccinated
  • Regular flat leash or traffic lead
  • harness or regular collar
  • medium & high value treats – soft, easy to chew
  • Treat pouch highly recommended and close toe shoes
  • Basic skills like sit and name recognition needed
  • Puppy Agility $300

    4 sessions

Agility Open Gym

Get your pup’s weekly workout in! After you have participated in an Agility Basics Class, your pup knows how to navigate the equipment, and now it is practice time! We will have obstacle course challenges ready for you, and with expert guidance, you can continue to hone your and your pup’s agility skills together. Our 1 hour gym time will allow you structured coached time and flexible free time to work on the obstacles and challenges. We can’t wait to see you in the gym!  
  • Agility open gym $70

    1 hour session

Specialty Class: Confidence Building

This 4-week class is specifically designed for dogs that are timid, nervous, unsure of themselves, and need a confidence boost. 

Maybe you have an under-socialized corona puppy, or an adopted dog that is overcoming trauma, or a dog that doesn’t have great self-esteem; they all need some help to blossom into the dog they could be! Each week you will learn how to better support your pup through “scary” situations in a way that will help them realize that the world is a safer place than they think and that once scary things can actually be fun! 

The goal of the class is to empower you and your dog to navigate the world together with teamwork and confidence. We will tackle the triggers of sights, sounds, and physical stimuli that your pup is unsure of. Life shouldn’t be lived in fear; let’s get your dog out there and enjoying the world! 

  • Confidence Building $300

    Four weeks, 4 sessions

Workshop: Nipping / Mouthing

Dogs do everything with their mouths — they don’t have hands!  However, some dogs use their mouths a little more than others, and often inappropriately.  Mouth and bite inhibition is extremely important to teach puppies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have older dogs learn how to be gentle with their mouths as well.  
In this one hour class, we’ll review common motivations and situations where mouthing and nipping is likely to occur, such as: taking food and toys politely, mouthing/nipping parts of humans in play, as well as leash biting and inappropriate chewing. 
  • Nipping / mouthing $60

    One session, 6 dog capacity

Workshop: Dog Tricks

Training your dog doesn’t always have to be about boring, old obedience! Teaching your dog fun tricks is not only a great way to amaze your friends and family, but it also helps build a dog’s confidence, body awareness, and offers mental stimulation.  

In this one-hour workshop, we will cover all the basic trick commands including; Paw/Shake, Roll Over, Play Dead, Sit Pretty, and more.  Learn how to entertain you and your pups for hours with our Dog Tricks workshop!

Prior basic obedience class or equivalent is required.

  • Dog Tricks Workshop $60

    One session, 6 dog capacity

Workshop: Dump the Jump

When puppies jump up for attention it might seem cute, but it’s much less adorable when they’re fully grown and leaping at your face. Not only can their nails scratch or damage clothing and property, it can be dangerous when they can also knock children or adults over in their excitement. Small and medium dogs are just as guilty when they become a tripping hazard or embarrass you when they get their muddy paws all over someone’s clothing.
Fortunately, stopping a dog from jumping on you or other people is easier than you might think! With this one-hour class, our District Dogs dog trainer will set you and your dog up for success to DUMP the JUMP! We will work on different impulse control exercises positively teaching your dog that there are better options than jumping.
  • Dump the Jump $60

    One session, 6 dog capacity

Workshop: Come When Called (Recall Workshop)

Does your pup ignore you when off-leash, or do they like to play a game where you have to chase them down? Most of us can’t even trust our dog off-leash! In this workshop, we will focus on recall, teaching your dog to come, and practice through more challenging distractions. We will teach you how to continue your recall with your dog to set yourselves up for success!

This 1-hour workshop will help you gain the confidence to get your dog to come to you when you call as we review all of the basics of building a strong recall, understanding why our dogs don’t always come when called, troubleshooting tips, and practicing for success!

  • Recall Workshop $60

    One session, 6 dog capacity

Workshop: Loving Your Crate (Crate Training Workshop)

Is your fur child not enjoying their crate time? This one-hour workshop will teach you the skills to get your dog to LOVE their crate!
  • The crate training process uses small steps to teach a dog to view a crate or cage as a comfortable, safe place.
  • Crating helps with potty training and it also helps prevent dogs from chewing up household possessions when you aren’t home.
  • Crate training helps house training your puppy or adult dog.
  • Crates protect your home, furniture, valuables, and more that puppies and dogs find fun to chew on.
  • Crates keep your dog or puppy safe from getting into dangerous chemicals or injuring themselves.
  • Crates are crucial for transportation whether they need to fly or have prolonged vehicle transportation.
  • Finally, crate training sets your dog up for success for boarding, daycare, and grooming scenarios.
As part of the puppy training process, crate training is essential for dogs to feel at home in their crates. When you start a young puppy with short periods of time in a dog crate and gradually work up to longer periods, they learn to enjoy their crate time.
  • Crate Training Workshop $60

    One session

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