Trainer Apprenticeship

Interested in becoming a dog training professional?

We offer an apprenticeship program that will teach you the people skills, dog skills, and training skills needed to be a well-rounded dog trainer.

Training dogs actually means training people, so being a people person and a dog lover is a must! Dog trainers should also love learning, be patient, and be able to work with a variety of learning styles. There aren’t many programs available, so District Dogs is opening their doors to teach and take on dog training apprentices.

How it works

Apprentices will watch their mentors teach classes, take notes, and gradually assist in the class. This allows them to gradually learn the profession under the supervision of an experienced professional who can provide feedback and guidance throughout the process while providing dog parents with dog training instruction to help them strengthen their bond through fun and educational training. As an apprentice, you must be committed and show genuine interest in enhancing communication and teamwork between dog and pet parent by offering positive solutions while rewarding success. 

In order to take the CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) test you must have at least 300 hours experience in dog training within the last five years. Two hundred twenty-five (225) hours or 75% of experience must be actual teaching hours as a ‘Head Dog Trainer’ or Instructor. Seventy-five (75) hours or 25% of experience can be in other related areas. District Dogs is prepared to help you achieve those hours!

How to apply

Interested in being a dog training apprentice? Contact our Dog Training team to set you up for success! 

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