Five Reasons to Enroll in a District Dogs Specialty Training Class

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District Dogs recently launched two new specialty training classes to help pups and their owners become acquainted with the physical and mental benefits of dog sports: Discovering Dog Agility and Urban Herding. Whether you’re familiar with these activities or just hearing about them for the first time, both of our canine sports classes can deliver great results for dogs and humans when it comes to exercise, confidence-building, and strengthening your bond. Read on for the top reasons to enroll in one of our specialty training offerings today.

Why You Should Book a Canine Sports Class at District Dogs

Whether your dog is a regular at daycare and the dog park or a couch potato in need of some activity, both of our canine sports classes provide a fun and challenging activity for you to enjoy together. Some of our favorite benefits include:

  1. Dogs in canine sports gain increased confidence in new and challenging scenarios.

Maybe your pup is afraid of going to the vet, barks anytime a stranger approaches them, or is generally a bit of a scaredy-pup when encountering anything new and different. Canine sports classes create an environment where your dog is encouraged to approach and engage with new and unfamiliar obstacles and objects with your encouragement (and treats!) as motivation. These positive experiences build your dog’s confidence and help teach them that what’s new isn’t always bad.

  • Canine sports provide an outlet for your dog’s natural instincts.

Almost every dog breed was originally developed to perform a task or job. From herding and guarding to hunting and pulling sleds, our pups still retain the traits and instincts to be incredibly skilled and successful at physically and mentally demanding work. Canine sports classes are an outstanding way to tap into and channel those instincts towards a fulfilling and positive goal. Not only will your dog have a blast, but we promise you’ll enjoy seeing your pup perform!

  • Our specialty classes can help curb undesirable behaviors at home or in social settings.

Beyond the benefits of seeing your dog express their canine instincts in a positive way, a canine sports class can help limit your dog’s naughty behaviors at home and beyond. Without a way to channel their instincts and energy into a productive job or sport, dogs are likely to express these traits in maladaptive ways like herding dogs at the dog park, jumping and climbing on furniture and people, digging in your yard or garden, or wanting to chase and nip at cars, bikes, and people. Pent-up energy and frustration can make a good dog go bad but cultivating and directing your pup’s natural instincts through canine sports provides immense fulfillment and a great outlet for their energy.

  • Working as a team in our canine sports classes builds a strong bond between you and your dog.

You won’t just be watching your dog achieve amazing things in our specialty classes; you’ll be an integral part of the process. Both Urban Herding and Discovering Dog Agility rely on a partnership between you and your dog to learn and accomplish desired behaviors and tasks. Working together with your dog in sports can be a transformational step in your relationship. Soon you’ll notice that even in an exciting environment with plenty of distractions, your dog chooses to spend time with you over other dogs. 

  • District Dogs specialty classes offer a great workout for your pet in a comfortable and climate-controlled environment.

Canine sports classes provide ample physical stimulation for your dog and can be a great workout for you too. Discovering Dog Agility is a fun, fast-paced class with lots of jogging and turning as you guide your pup through weave polls, over teeter-totters, and in and out of tunnels. Urban herding is less physically demanding for dogs and humans. Senior dogs who still have plenty of energy can enjoy the fun of this sport that’s softer on joints—but take note that it does require a lot of bending over for the humans. The best part? All our canine sports classes are in the cool and comfort of our air-conditioned training facility. You won’t find a better way to beat the heat while getting in plenty of fun and exercise.

If you have an active and energetic pup, a shy wallflower who could use a confidence boost, or you simply want to deepen the connection between you and your dog, District Dogs’ canine sports classes are for you!

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