Group Class | Puppy Pre-K

Our Puppy PreK class is an excellent introductory class for new puppy parents. There is a heavy emphasis on puppy socialization, confidence building, crate exercises, and more. Puppy socialization doesn’t stop with just puppy play; to help shape well rounded family members we need to expose them to “scary things” (like the vacuum) positively, as well as help them learn about handling at the groomer and vet for example. We take your puppy’s health and safety very seriously, which is why our training rooms will be specially sanitized before class begins. This will be a safe environment for your young pups!


  • For puppies 2-4 months of age

  • Puppies must have their first round of shots

  • Puppies MUST be carried into the training room – don’t let feet touch the floor until then!

  • Treat pouch and clicker are recommended

  • Regular leash

  • Harness or collar (regular or martingale)

  • No retractable leashes, e-collars of any kind, choke collars, or prong collars allowed

Duration: 3 weeks
Cost: $150
Class size: 6 puppies


Nov 27 2023


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


District Dogs Navy Yard


District Dogs Navy Yard
1221 Van Street SE (South Cap Side), Suite 110, Washington, DC 20003